Advice on stabilization in the crisis, on increasing the company's value and on optimizing performance

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Support in stabilizing the crisis, increasing company value and improving company performance


1. Free initial interview / workshop to get to know each other personally, understanding the initial situation and setting goals (1 day)

2. Interviews for strategic and financial inventory / SWOT analysis of the company (1-2 days)

3. Research to identify relevant (industry) trends / innovations / new, digital business models (2 days)

4. Joint development or further development of the strategic agenda and derivation of concrete initiatives (1-2 days)

5. Support in creating an indicative business plan with and without initiatives (2 days)

6. Creation of an indicative company valuation with and without initiatives (1 day) - optional: expert opinion on the company value (10-15 days)

7. Conception of a time and resource plan and the project organization for the implementation of the strategic initiatives (1 day)

8. Selective support during implementation, project management and regular monitoring in the relevant steering committees (as required)


1. Strategic agenda with implementation plan to increase the company's value and to increase the return on capital employed

2. Indicative company valuation based on an integrated business plan 

3. Better access to capital and easier communication with banks and financial partners


Mathias Westerbarkei will be personally available for up to 50% of his time. Any other team members required are discussed and agreed between the parties.

Time schedule



- € 1,750 daily rate

- All fees and charges do not include VAT

- Monthly termination, but exemption from reimbursement claims or damages from service providers who may have been entrusted with confidence in the execution of the project

- The services of other consultants or appraisers that may be required in the context of a possible project must be ordered separately from you and are not included in the scope of the services and compensation described here

- Your order is placed subject to the signing of a final mandate agreement between you, the client, and Westfälische Corporate Finance GmbH. Westfälische Corporate Finance GmbH reserves the right to refuse electronic orders from you without giving reasons