Buying and selling companies

  • Gloria (DE): Sale of leading fire extinguisher manufacturers to Kidde plc (UTC) **
  • CLAAS (DE): Sale of production technology division to MBB and DBAG *
  • CLAAS (CN): Complete takeover - Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturer *
  • Gerry Weber (DE): Sale of the “Halle 29” fashion complex to Zech Group companies

Identification & assessment of innovative investments

  • Yet2 (US): Identification of medium-sized industrial technology targets **
  • Family Office (CH): Screening innov . add-on targets European retail **
  • IT company (DE): Screening of German IT security companies and cooperation *
  • Enterprise (US): Screening of AI companies (big data, robotics) in Europe **

Innovative corporate development

  • CLAAS (FR): Complete takeover / integration of Renault's tractor division *
  • CLAAS (DE): Management of the group-wide improvement program "Fitness 2010" *
  • Aporot (CN): Market expansion through the use of innovative Asian B2B platforms **
  • Business Tampere (FI): Strat . Development partner search for Finnish tech cluster **

Raising capital and finding investors

  • Heat pump manufacturers (DE): Investor search / procurement of equity capital ( BTOV ) **
  • CLAAS (CH, DE, FR, GB): Issue of a 100 million euro bond *
  • CLAAS (US): Private Placement of a $ 200 Million Bond *
  • Manufacturer of security products (DE): Investor search / sale to Minimax **

* Realized projects by Mathias Westerbarkei, especially as former head of M&A at CLAAS KGaA mbH

** Realized projects by Stephan Schulte-Frankenfeld, among others as a partner of Gloria-Werke H. Schulte Frankenfeld GmbH & Co.


Mathias Westerbarkei was responsible for the following projects, both conceptually and in the implementation phase: