Advice on the sale of companies

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1. Pointing out basic strategic options for action and checking whether they can be sold

2. Exclusive conception and control of the entire M&A process as well as internal and external resources - if required also selective operational support - to realize a company sale in accordance with the owner's interests


1. Feasibility and project setup

Possible questions about the definition of the divestment concept:
a) What are the interests and priorities of the seller (time, price, confidentiality, social aspects, management, other interest groups)?
b) Do we have a realistic chance of selling the company?
c) Do we basically see enough potential buyers (strategists / financial investors) with coherent motives?
d) What type of sale do we prefer?
e) Is the store ready for sale?
f) What is the company value?
g) Are there assets that we want to protect (keep)?
h) Which financial, legal and other requirements apply to the sale of the business?

Possible questions regarding the definition of the divestment process:
a) What could the divestment process look like?
b) What kind of internal and external support is required?
c) What does the divestment team look like?
d) How do we deal with the sale from a communicative point of view?

2. Preparation of the business (strategic or operational improvements or changes to the business model)

3. Preparation of the divestment process

4. Marketing and investor contact

5. Comparison of non-binding indicative offers including financing and integration concept / pre-negotiations with potential investors

6. Selection of potential buyers / APA or SPA and access to the data room / negotiations

7. Final decision / signature and conclusion

Results (per project phase)

1. Feasibility study, divestment concept with schedule and resources

2. If necessary Performance optimization plan

3. Data room, process letter, teaser, info memo, management presentation, indicative company value, if applicable vendor due diligence reports

4. Non-binding, indicative offers

5. If necessary Presentation for committees for orientation in the process, APA / SPA draft

6. If necessary Presentation for committees for orientation in the process, final negotiated APA / SPA

7. Signing and closing documentation


Mathias Westerbarkei will personally work on the project about 50% of his time. Any other team members required are discussed and agreed between the parties.

Time schedule

The first phase lasts approximately one to two months, depending on the availability of the information and the desired level of detail of the analysis.
The total duration of the project is not predictable, but is usually between six and twelve months.


1. Feasibility study: from € 10,000 , depending on the deal complexity / team members

2. Fixed monthly fee: from € 10,000, depending on the deal complexity / team members

3. Additional performance fee upon conclusion of the contract
(Sale of company shares or individual assets and debts) 

a) in the amount of 2% of the transaction volume up to € 30 million and

b) in the amount of 1% of the transaction volume over € 30 million and

c) in the amount of 0.75% of the transaction volume over € 100 million,

d) Success fee at least: € 100,000.

- All fees and charges do not include VAT

- Monthly termination, but exemption from reimbursement claims or damages from service providers who may have been entrusted with confidence in the execution of the project

- The entitlement to a performance fee does not expire if the cooperation is terminated prematurely

- The services of other consultants or appraisers that may be required in the context of a possible project must be ordered separately from you and are not included in the scope of the services and compensation described here

- Your order is placed subject to the signature of a final mandate agreement between you, the client, and the M&A advisor, Westfälische Corporate Finance GmbH. Westfälische Corporate Finance GmbH reserves the right to refuse electronic orders from you without giving reasons