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Dear friend,

dear business partners,

Dear entrepreneurs in and around Westphalia,

I hope you are healthy, are now all working digitally and will soon be able to operate again, at least in part, with functioning supply chains and sufficient manpower availability. 

In many companies, however, sales have dropped significantly and the liquidity cushion is increasingly being used up. Not every company has enough reserves to cushion an extreme situation over several weeks or even months.

Politics reacted quickly and launched substantial corona help, which you are probably familiar with and which you may already be using.

However, some companies have been hit so hard that the continued existence of the company in the event of a continuing crisis is no longer guaranteed, even if short-time working arrangements and state-guaranteed loans are used.

Financing losses over several months with loans obviously makes no sense.

Therefore, particularly affected entrepreneurs are currently required in the early phase of the crisis to develop ideas that are suitable for generating short-term liquidity.

Every crisis holds risks, but also opportunities.

As Westfälische Corporate Finance GmbH, we have undertaken to provide you with uncomplicated support in this difficult time. With selected partners who are used to coping with crisis situations, we have created an informal stabilization team to support you in the best possible way in generating ideas and implementing suitable measures to save your company.

Our stabilization team consists of family entrepreneurs, experienced managers and innovative experts from industry, who cover various functional areas and are digitally operational. Communication, sales, purchasing, production, technology, personnel and financial experts as well as experts for performance optimization, strategy and M&A.

Our specialty is that we act quickly and easily and are ready to go the crucial extra mile that ultimately makes success.

We have extensive contacts to financial partners and single family offices, who may be able to help you with a financial commitment in these difficult times.

Temporary, silent participations as well as the acquisition of minority shares are conceivable.

However, the complete sale of investments can also be a sensible option. In this case, the crisis can also be an opportunity and an occasion to cut old braids and not sell off less profitable or strategically less attractive business areas in order to free up capital and generate liquidity, which is then available again for future investments.

We would be happy to support you in all of the topics and steer the M&A process and the stabilization team for you so that you emerge from the crisis stronger.

Ask us.

The initial interview is free of charge. 

You can reach me by phone on 05201 73 43 073 or by email to

On the website you will find our fee ideas, which we would be happy to adapt to your situation in view of the current situation.

You can make appointments online and describe your situation. After the initial interview, we will configure your team together and start right away.

I wish you a good time.

Stay healthy.



Mathias Westerbarkei

+49 5201 73 43 073


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